emergency telecommunications
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The application

Automatic call distribution.
Intelligent geolocation which indicates the position of users and automatically transmits the route to the event to be supported.
The cascading calls that reach the respondents one by one, until a positive answer is obtained.
Cascading call groups that launch multiple cascades in parallel.
The history of messages transmitted or received by person and group.
The management schedule that directs the calls according to availability.
Monthly statistics by group or by individuals.
Supervision of equipment and alarms.
Quick search of personnel on call.
The transmission of messages from Dispatch Centers.
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Save time! Save lives!

Our clients : Hundreds of Municipalities in Quebec, Fire departments, Hospitals, Federal and Provincial Governmental offices, Universities, Companies, Factories and Organizations who need emergency telecommunications tools, such as first responders, stakeholders in health and public safety, are using our pagers and our virtual pager Info Page Alerts (IPA) which works on all cellphones and all networks.

Our mission: Create an ultra-performing Application in order to reach people in real time for your emergencies. Prevent and avoid negative consequences caused by disasters and equipment failure.Transmit instantaneously warnings to people involved or first responders. They will be able to react instantly and minimize damages. We planned a cascading system to be sure an alert will definitely be heard. The first responder on duty has not been reached ? The alert will be redirected to the second one and so on. Be assured that the right person will be reached in proper time.

You need to warn someone urgently? Info Page Alert will help you.

Our goal: Offer the best quality at a reasonable price using the latest technologies. Keep Info Page in the forefront and on the cutting edge of rapid communications through our research and development department and our ongoing investment program to provide the best to our customers. Remain one of the leaders in the emergency telecommunications in Quebec and in the world.

Our culture: Provide unparalleled customer service. Some of our employees have been part of the team for over 17 years. They are familiar with our customers and treat them with respect. We are dedicated to the effectiveness of emergency telecommunications and customer satisfaction.

IPA and pagers

Fast and efficient, two communication tools at any time


First Responders




A fire, an accident, a crisis... IPA sends alerts in real time. First responders receive information instantly, read it and respond. The officers know who they can count on in record time.
To prevent mechanical problems and communicate directly with the mechanics involved. The alert can be done in cascading mode according to their availabilities. We also developed an automated alerts systems connected to the production lines and automated systems.
under development
For a response and an effective management of logistics needs, we develop interfaces that allow real-time tracking of GPS coordinates of your vehicle for effective strategies.
Hospitals departments may have urgent needs of a physician or qualified staff. Either via pager or via mobile phone, the emergency will be communicated to the appropriate staff member. Targeted alerts allowing the hospital staff to quickly respond to specific crises.


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