More than 30 years

  • 2019

    100% Web

    Our Info Page Alerts application has been adopted by thousands of users in the fire brigade, hospital care, mining, equipment supervision and various companies that need an alert management tool and transmission of urgent messages. We transmit millions of messages a year and our clientele is our best ambassador.

  • 2018


    We put a lot of energy into evolving Info Page Alerts. As many of our customers leave pagers behind for this new technology, we are starting to transfer those who want to keep their pagers to PageNet, which integrates them into its pan-Canadian network.

  • 2016

    A Quebec network that opens up to the world

    We are the largest paging network in the Province. Hundreds of Municipalities in Quebec, Fire departments, Hospitals, Federal and Provincial Governmental offices, Universities, Companies, Factories and Organizations who need emergency telecommunications tools, such as first responders, stakeholders in health and public safety, are using our pagers and our virtual pager Info Page Alerts (IPA) which works on all cellphones and all networks. We are moving forward always programming new features on our Application. Our target is to meet the growing needs of our customers.

  • 2014

    Creating IPA our virtual pager.
    We are growing!

    Several programmers and computer scientists join us in meeting exciting challenges. We create our virtual pager Info Page Alerts, the App that works with all smart phones and networks. We build a stable and easy to use App. We seek to speed up the sending and receiving of important messages. We work hard to avoid loss of time and facilitate emergency communications. We want IPA to meet your needs. We model our App for it to become yours. Telecommunications are changing at an incredible speed and we are part of it . We seek to anticipate trends.
    First responders should absolutely be reached ! They should never miss a call !

  • 2013

    In search of cutting-edge technologies

    Our POCSAG VHF radio network coverage goes from Montmagny to Kingston, Ontario. It is fast and efficient. After months of testing on European two way pagers, we develop a Web page for users to communicate. Then we create an emergency messaging system based on the two way concept. It can simultaneously respond to individuals and groups. Also it is compatible with all smartphones. We are creating a virtual pager.

  • 2001


    In October, we buy Interpage Network, a thirty years life long company, and in November, we acquire the VHF Unicomm Network. We first start by using a 900 Mhz Flex radio frequency. After many years using it, we get a VHF Pocsag network company to provide faster communication to our customers. Using both for a few months, we decide to only keep the VHF Pocsag for its excellent coverage and it's rapid call response (less than 10 seconds). Our network is healthy. Our clientele is growing despite the advent of smartphones. We are expanding.

  • 1986


    Day by day, our growth goes from very small to important. The one-way, receiving only pager, is the efficient tool for emergencies and public safety measures. Used by a lot of first responders, doctors, contractors, firefighters, people who need to be reached anywhere at all times, it responds perfectly to emergency telecommunication needs. Our network expands year after year. A dynamic team of sales persons increases our clientele. Constant work, acquisitions, strategic decisions, perseverance and a strong team make it possible.
    Cell phones are emerging but are very expensive.

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