Alert management system

Reception - Transmission

Receive from your alarm, supervision and distribution systems. SNPP, emails, Web, SMS and phone call transmission.


For critical incidents or emergencies, regardless the source (Sent from monitoring systems, sensors, 911 units ... by SNPP, SMS, emails, telephones, directly from the application or from cell phones)?

Receive them on your virtual pager on your cell.

Messages will be automatically sent to users, groups or trigger escalation alerts depending of the choice of configuration you made.

Immediate support guaranteed with Received. Read. Answered.

We want you to receive your alerts at all times. To do so, an email plus a phone call can be activated on top of the primary alerts you should receive.

Also, if your cell phone loses internet, a backup SMS will be sent automatically. If you do not read or reply to the message, you will receive a phone call if you chose that option.


Alert users, groups or trigger single or multiple escalation alerts directly from our mobile application by sending SMS or by setting phone calls.

Alert users

Register as many users as you want in our system. Alerts will be sent to all users or only to those you have chosen.

Alert groups

Create as many groups needed. Choose from all users registered in the app and put the right people in the right groups. Only those you put in the group will receive. When alerts come from external sources ... 911 units, monitoring systems, sensors, etc. we provide a specific number to identify each group. Alerts sent from your internal system do not need a number.

Escalation alerts

Escalation alerts contact multiple users called one after the other. The alerts unfold until a positive response and an identify support are confirmed.

Create as many as you need. Their flexibility allows the administrator to define multiple choices for each of them. Consider or not the calendar, seniority, location, specific skills, etc.

They guarantee ALL calls reception!

If the escalation call doesn't succeed (no answer or unreached quota), the administrator will automatically be notified.

Also you can simultaneously trigger multiple simple escalation calls. For example, you want to activate the 3 you've already created at the same time because you absolutely need 3 specialized person right now. This would be an escalation call group. You would need a number to activate this new feature. Ask us.


Follow each event live. Know when an alert was received, read and answered.

You must explain the course of an intervention and you need proofs?
Our system keeps all alerts and answers in memory.

Transmission's date, time and acknowledgement of each notification.
The answers precise time and if accurate, the changes of answers.
Were the phones open, closed, or were users available or not on the calendar.


Visualize interventions and users location, their journey and its duration.

Administrators, plan your actions!

See the destinations and the closest users. Direct those who can quickly take over for... broken equipment, deliveries, fires, rescues, road accidents, computer failures, etc.

Users, a voice will guide you to destination!

Several relevant information may be visible on your maps (fountains, dangerous zones, shops, clinics, etc.). Submit your requests.

Staff management

Each user has its own personal calendar to write in. Only the administrator is authorized to inscribe everyone's availabilities in the general calendar. Calendars are accessible from all web platforms.

Our calendar is a time saver.

Easy to plan schedules for yourself or for everyone directly from your phone.

Join the right people according to their availability or seniority.


Each alert's detailed history with participation statistics and each user's availability.
Compare the last 3 months statistics on your detailed monthly report.

Who received, read and answered.
Whose application or phone was closed.
Who deleted or ignored the alerts.
Everyone's frequency of attendance and absence.

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